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Deportation and Removal Archives

More private deportation holding facilities to be built

If an immigrant is apprehended by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, he or she may be held in a detainment center until his or her court date. However, ICE is turning to private companies for the construction and operation of such centers, which some Kentucky residents may feel is not the best option.

Some may face deportation after loss of special status

For years, many people living in the Kentucky area and throughout the United States who were born in Haiti, the Central American countries Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua, as well as people born in other countries including Somalia, South Sudan, Yemen and Syria have been able to reside in the U.S. per a special status called the Temporary Protection Status. However, the U.S. Department of State announced that this special status is no longer necessary, meaning some of these individuals might now face deportation and removal.

Are there any forms of relief for those facing removal?

People immigrate to the United States with a dream of a better life, but sometimes life throws them a curveball and they find themselves facing removal, also known as deportation. Such a situation may seem hopeless, but it is not. If a person in Kentucky is facing deportation and removal from the United States and back to their home country, there are several avenues of relief they may pursue in order to stay in the country.

Immigrant researchers fear future may bring deportation

Immigrants in Kentucky and across the United States hold many important jobs. Some of them work as medical researchers. In fact, of all the post-doctoral researchers in the life sciences in our nation, 55 percent are immigrants residing in the United States through temporary visas. Unfortunately, the Trump Administration's recent crack-down on immigration and the repeal of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program has left many of them worrying about how not only their professional future, but also their personal future, will be put into jeopardy.

Deportation and removal raid scrapped citing hurricanes

Immigrants in Kentucky and nationwide come to the United States to seek a brighter future, to be reunited with loved ones or to escape danger in their homeland. However, the road toward citizenship is not always easy, and sometimes an immigrant faces the threat of deportation.

'Dreamers' may have deportation concerns if Trump ends DACA

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program protects young people known as "Dreamers," who came to America illegally before age 16 and have been living in the country for a certain amount of time and have not done anything illegal. DACA has allowed almost 800,000 young immigrants to avoid being deported and gave them the chance to find lawful work through a two-year work permit, which could be renewed. Many of these immigrants came to America when they were so young, that they have no memory of their birth country.

Could new Justice Department memo mean more deportations?

When it comes to immigration cases, sometimes the time an attorney has between meeting their client and the immigration hearing is so short, that they do not have enough time to prepare their case. In the past, when this happened an attorney might ask for a continuance. However, Louisville residents may be concerned to hear that the Justice Department, under orders from the Trump Administration, has asked immigration judges to grant fewer continuances.

Dealing with immigration issues here and now

Louisville is not officially labeled as a so-called “sanctuary city.” The mayor is on record, though, as saying that the city is welcoming to immigrants. He also says the city isn’t making arrests of individuals who are in violation of immigration law. That continues to put the onus on each individual seeking to comply with immigration laws and protect his or her rights.

A pardon isn't enough to prevent deportation after minor offense

An El Salvadoran mother of two was deported recently, despite significant efforts being made on her behalf by an advocacy group and her state's governor. Now, her family has been broken up.

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