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What is the basic process of family immigration in the U.S.?

America may be seen as the "Land of Opportunity," and indeed many people do immigrate to our nation with hopes of having a better life than they would have in the country of their birth. Some of these people become United States citizens, and then wish to have their loved ones who still live abroad obtain a Green Card so they too can be a lawful permanent resident. Kentucky residents in such situations may want to know how this can be done.

We assist Kentucky residents bringing a loved one into the U.S.

Love knows no bounds, not even geographically. It is not unusual for a resident of the United States, including people in Kentucky, to fall in love with someone from another country. When the relationship becomes serious and the couple is engaged or married, the couple may wish to live in the U.S. However, to legally have a foreign-born fiancé or spouse live in the U.S., the foreign-born fiancé or spouse will need a visa.

Reuniting loved ones through family immigration

It can be very difficult for a person to make the decision to immigrate to the United States so they can have more freedoms and a better future. This decision is especially difficult if a person must leave loved ones behind in their home country. However, once an immigrant in Kentucky or elsewhere in the nation is legally established in the United States, or if he or she was born here and is a U.S. citizen, they may seek to have his or her family immigrate to the United States as well.

What types of family immigration visas are available?

Residents of Kentucky who have loved ones who live abroad may wish to have their loved ones become lawful residents of the United States. When it comes to family-based immigrant visas, there are two categories of visas: immediate relative immigrant visas and family preference immigrant visas. Which visa is available is dependent on the relationship between the immigrant and the U.S. citizen sponsoring him or her.

What types of marriages are valid for immigration purposes?

These are uncertain times for immigrants in the United States. Even people who previously thought their status was safe are now fearing trouble from immigration authorities. With this in mind, now is a good time to review some basics of immigration law, including how marriage can affect immigration status. In this post, we will concentrate on the question of what types of marriages are considered valid for immigration purposes.

Amid administrative uncertainty, the law remains

The way the founding fathers set things up, there are checks and balances to government. Congress holds the purse strings. The Executive branch handles administration. The Judicial branch interprets the laws and makes sure they're applied equally to all.

The snarl over what 'bona fide relationship' means

President Trump's temporary travel ban is partially in force now. The confusion and outrage that were hallmarks of the first attempt earlier this year seem to be less of an issue this time, but there is still a good deal of uncertainty about what's going on and who is doing what to whom.

Why do USCIS fees change so much?

Most news headlines about immigration these days center on the matter of undocumented individuals. There is no doubt that the issue is a top priority on the political stage. The emphasis in the stories, thus, seems to be on examining how the government is handling removals and deportations.

Can I bring my same-sex spouse or intended to the U.S.?

Same-sex marriage is now the law of the land in the United States. Not everyone in every state warmly embraces the notion, but it remains the law, including in Kentucky. As we have noted in at least one other post, love cannot be legislated.

Uniting immigrant family members is a multi-step undertaking

The fire of love burns hot and the color that usually is associated with that is red. But as anyone in Kentucky knows who has tried to keep the embers of love alive when immigration is required, the more desired color is green. The green card is the objective of anyone seeking to gain permanent resident status in the U.S. and having that represents the green light for it to happen.

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