Senators sponsor immigration bill

Some people in Kentucky may be concerned about recent changes to immigration law and wonder if they or their loved ones could be deported. In February, hundreds of immigrants were detained in several cities across the country. On Feb. 16, three Democratic senators introduced a bill that would overturn an Executive Order that called for the deportation of many more immigrants and the withholding of funding for sanctuary cities. Some employers may be concerned as well since the deportations could result in a labor shortage.

John Kelly, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, said that around three-fourths of the people deported were convicted criminals and that the law was aimed at them and gang members as well as people who had previously violated immigration law. While there were reports that the National Guard might be mobilized to assist with deportations, the administration has denied this claim. However, Kelly signed a DHS memorandum on Feb. 17 that addresses the possibility of using state employees or officers to enforce immigration.

Boston and San Francisco have filed lawsuits against the part of the order concerning sanctuary cities. These cities consider community policing a priority over immigration enforcement and encourage reporting of crimes by immigrants regardless of their statuses.

In these uncertain and ever-changing times, individuals might want to consult with attorneys if they feel that their immigration statuses could be in question. This may include immigrants who previously were allowed to stay in the country under an Executive Order issued by the Obama administration. Someone who is facing deportation and removal also may want to consult a lawyer to discuss his or her rights and options.

Source: National Law Review, “Legislative and Other Challenges to Trump’s Immigration Executive Order,” Jessica Feinstein, 02/23/2017



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