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What happens if my R-1 Visa status changes?

Immigration Services

These are uncertain times for any foreign-born person in the United States or trying to get in. As we noted in a post earlier this year, there are many reasons someone might be entering the U.S. and specifically coming to Kentucky. These can include such things as working for a local religious denomination – perhaps as an educator at a seminary or as a minister at a church.

Obtaining the necessary R-1 visa for such an individual can be difficult. The law is complicated and the path through what seems to be an ever-shifting course of administrative hurdles requires making sure that all the right steps are followed to the letter. At times, it might require presenting a properly worded rationale for seeking the visa. All such work can be handled more easily with the help of experienced counsel.

In our previous post, we sought to answer some of the most frequent questions regarding visas for foreign religious workers. We examined who can qualify, how to apply and what family members might be able to seek entry to the U.S. through an appropriate R-2 visa. In this post, we look a little deeper into what it takes to maintain proper visa status when conditions change.

For example, if an R-1 visa holder loses a job or is transferred to another site within the U.S., they have 14 days of the change to notify immigration officials. If authorities believe the change involved is significantly material, they might require that the visa holder file amended documentation or submit an entirely new application for a visa using form I-129.

Considering what's at stake, you owe it to yourself and loved ones to be sure you fully understand your obligations and options.

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