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April 2017 Archives

Immigration Services

Digging deeper into the L-1 visa

Good help is hard to find, goes the old saying. It's on the basis of that claim that many companies in Kentucky and across the U.S. look to fill certain positions with individuals from outside the country. As we noted in a post earlier this month, the need might be a temporary one, but that doesn't necessarily make things easier.

The dilemma of being undocumented and a domestic abuse victim

Being in the U.S. without proper legal documents has always made for an uncertain life. In the current social and political environment, efforts to find a viable route to asylum and avoid removal have become even more difficult.

Do you want to employ a worker from another country temporarily?

One thing that nearly every business searches for is educated or skilled workers to fill positions in the company. Sometimes, finding a U.S. citizen who can do a particular job just isn't possible. In those cases, you might look outside the United States for qualified applicants.

Uniting immigrant family members is a multi-step undertaking

The fire of love burns hot and the color that usually is associated with that is red. But as anyone in Kentucky knows who has tried to keep the embers of love alive when immigration is required, the more desired color is green. The green card is the objective of anyone seeking to gain permanent resident status in the U.S. and having that represents the green light for it to happen.

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