Employment-based immigration and your EB-1 visa

There are many reasons why a person would want to come to the United States. These motives include everything from family to financial opportunity, and the individuals hoping to navigate the immigration process for any reason would be wise to prepare themselves for the potentially complicated process ahead.

If you intend to come to Kentucky for work-related reasons, you would be wise to learn about the visa options available to you. One particular type of employment visa, the EB-1 visa, is only available to individuals who meet certain qualifications. If you believe you should apply for this type of visa, it is beneficial to fully understand the qualifications and how the application process works.

Who qualifies for an EB-1 visa?

An EB-1 visa is a first-preference visas. This means that these get preference over other types of employment-based visa applications. You may qualify for this type of visa if you fall into one the following categories:

  • Individuals with extraordinary ability, such as those who are exceptionally talented in art, science, math, business and other areas
  • Outstanding professors or researchers, including those who have recognition for outstanding ability and who have at least three years of experience in their field
  • Individuals who are multinational managers or executives for a company outside of the U.S. for a certain amount of time who are now hoping to work for the same employer within the U.S.

Simply stating that you are an individual who falls into one of these three categories is not enough. As part of your visa application, you must include certain proof of qualifications.

What proof do you need?

In order to prove that you are a person of extraordinary ability or meet other qualifications of an EB-1 visa, you must be able to validate your qualifications. Possible proof and documentation you could include are internationally recognized awards, proof of membership in certain organizations, evidence of your individual contribution to your field of choice and more.

Pursuing your desired outcome

The process of applying for and actually obtaining an EB-1 visa is quite complicated and lengthy. However, you do not have to walk through the process alone, but may find it beneficial to seek guidance as you walk through every step.

You have the right to apply for the visa you need to pursue your dream of living and working in the United States. Before you take the first step, you may find it useful to first seek a full understanding of your options and requirements.



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