What kind of workers can seek an employment-based Green Card?

Immigrants wishing to become permanent residents of the United States must first obtain a Green Card. While there are several ways an immigrant in Louisville can pursue a Green Card, sometimes a person seeks a Green Card as an immigrant worker. However, there are certain categories that one might fall under when seeking an employer-based Green Card.

The first preference category is for priority workers. These include immigrants who have an extraordinary ability in certain fields, such as sports, business, teaching, arts or sciences. It also includes outstanding researchers and professors. Finally, specific types of multinational executives and managers fall under this category.

The second preference category is for foreign nationals who have an advanced degree of some sort or have abilities that are deemed to be “exceptional.” Those who are pursuing a national interest waiver also fall under the second preference category.

The third preference category is for other workers, including professionals and skilled workers. Skilled workers are those who are in professions that need at least two years of experience or training. Professional workers are those who need a U.S. bachelor’s degree (or the foreign equivalent) in order to work in their chosen professions. Finally, there are unskilled workers, whose jobs do not need more than two years of experience or training.

As you can see, different types of employment-based Green Cards have different preferences. Immigrants who are seeking U.S. permanent residency based on their employment may want to seek the advice of an attorney, who can provide them with more information on this topic and guide them through the naturalization process.



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