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December 2017 Archives

Immigration Services

Cambodians given month-long reprieve from deportation

It may seem that in our government's current state, we only hear bad news about deportation in the United States. However, it is good to know that there are still people in our nation who fight on behalf of immigrants who are facing deportation and removal.

Repeal of rule may make it harder for spouses to work in the U.S.

Many industries in the United States are dependent on having highly-skilled workers and, to that end, starting in 2015 the spouses of immigrants who had a H-1B visa in the process of obtaining a Green Card were permitted to be employed in the United States via an H-4 dependent visa. This was especially useful in the technology industry, in which many H-1B immigrants worked.

Children of parents facing deportation may go to foster care

Parents will do just about anything to give their children a better chance at life. For some people this meant moving to the United States, even if they were undocumented. In fact, Kentucky residents may be surprised to hear that, according to one report, around five million children in the nation have a parent who is an undocumented immigrant. However, what happens when that child's parent faces deportation and removal?

What is the basic process of family immigration in the U.S.?

America may be seen as the "Land of Opportunity," and indeed many people do immigrate to our nation with hopes of having a better life than they would have in the country of their birth. Some of these people become United States citizens, and then wish to have their loved ones who still live abroad obtain a Green Card so they too can be a lawful permanent resident. Kentucky residents in such situations may want to know how this can be done.

Things to consider before your wedding bells chime in the US

Getting married is often one of the most exciting events in a person's life. If you were born and raised (and have been residing) in another country, but plan to come to Kentucky to live when you marry, there may be several challenges in store before your actual wedding day. If you are marrying a U.S. citizen, you'll want to make sure you cover all the legal bases to avoid delays to your entrance into the United States or to avoid facing possible deportation later.

More private deportation holding facilities to be built

If an immigrant is apprehended by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, he or she may be held in a detainment center until his or her court date. However, ICE is turning to private companies for the construction and operation of such centers, which some Kentucky residents may feel is not the best option.

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