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Immigration Services

We help people with family immigration matters

Sometimes, one member of a person's family will immigrate to the United States and obtain permanent residency or even citizenship. That person may wish to petition for their spouse, parents, children or siblings to reunite with them in the United States. Family immigration is important to many in Kentucky and around the nation.

Could new USCIS policy lead to removal of international students?

Many students from abroad come to Kentucky to attend college or other institutes, such as graduate school, law school or medical school. These students general do so through a lawful visa. After graduating from college, graduate school or law school, a foreign student may want to seek work or continue their education. If they are able to do so with the proper visa, they can lawfully continue living here. But, per a new policy by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), this may become harder and could even lead to deportation and removal.

What is the process for deportation and removal?

Kentucky residents may have seen many stories in the news as of late regarding undocumented immigrants being detained and deported. These reports are certainly disturbing to those in our country who are undocumented or have loved ones that are. Therefore, it is important to understand how the deportation process works.

An employment visa may be the first step toward U.S. citizenship

Many people from abroad are hired by employers in the United States. There may be job opportunities in the U.S. that aren't available in an immigrant's home country. Or, a company in the U.S. may have sought out an immigrant employee to work in a specialized field. Therefore, some immigrants will seek an employment-based visa.

Renewing your green card

If you have been a lawful permanent resident in the United States for any length of time, you probably realize that the tone of debate over immigration changes with each presidential election. Despite going through the complicated process to obtain your green card, you may still have moments of concern for the security of your status in the U.S.

Kentucky tourist spots may see fewer immigrant workers

Whether people are visiting Mammoth Cave National Park, attending the Kentucky Derby or visiting one of Kentucky's other famous destinations, tourism is a big part of the economy in Kentucky. Like many other tourist areas, some facilities in Kentucky rely on immigrants with a H-2B visa to work for them. For some employers, hiring immigrants with these visas is essential, as they are unable to find Americans willing to work for them. However, only 66,000 of these visas are issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services each year.

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