We help people with family immigration matters

Sometimes, one member of a person’s family will immigrate to the United States and obtain permanent residency or even citizenship. That person may wish to petition for their spouse, parents, children or siblings to reunite with them in the United States. Family immigration is important to many in Kentucky and around the nation.

However, for those seeking to bring a loved one into the country, the entire visa process may seem overwhelming. It can be difficult to determine what paperwork needs to be filed and what other requirements must be met. No one wants to make a mistake that slows down the process of family immigration or halts it altogether. That is why it can help to have legal guidance.

At our firm, we aim to help our clients bring loved ones into the nation in the most efficient and least costly manner. We make sure our clients understand the steps in the visa application process, and will gather the necessary paperwork, so we can file the appropriate application.

We can help with K-3 spousal visas, K-1 fiancé visas and other family-based visas and marriage-based visas. We use our understanding of the law to provide our clients with the representation they need throughout the visa process.

Reuniting with loved ones in America is a dream for many immigrants living in the country. In today’s political climate, it may seem like family immigration is more difficult than ever. But, we are dedicated to helping our clients reach their goal of family reunification. Please feel free to review our website on family immigration for further information.



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