First Lady’s parents become citizens through family immigration

When a U.S. citizen has loved ones in another country, they may wish to sponsor these loved ones for a green card and eventually naturalization. This way, family members can be reunited in the U.S. and can legally reside in the country. For this reason, family immigration is important to many in Kentucky and across the nation. And, even prominent citizens can benefit from family immigration.

In what is an ironic move based on the Trump administration’s stance on family immigration, First Lady Melania Trump’s parents recently became official citizens of the United States. The First Lady’s parents came from Slovenia and had been residing in the U.S. as legal permanent residents. They were able to obtain green cards and were able to seek citizenship due to the fact that the First Lady has been a U.S. citizen since 2006 and could serve as a sponsor.

The Trump administration has sought to curb what it refers to as “chain migration.” The administration has proposed a significant cut to what types of relatives U.S. citizens can sponsor for green cards and naturalization through family immigration. However, family immigration is exactly the path towards citizenship the First Lady’s parents took.

As this shows, many people from many walks of life can seek family immigration. However, the path to citizenship can be complex and confusing to many who do not have experience in this process. Fortunately, those wishing to sponsor a loved one for a green card or citizenship can work with legal professionals to ensure that no crucial step of the family immigration process is overlooked.



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