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October 2018 Archives

Immigration Services

The consequences of entering the US without inspection

Entry into the United States is never easy, and recent changes in immigration law have made it even more challenging. Deportation, or removal, is something many immigrants fear, especially if they are unlawfully present, and the consequences for skipping the steps of immigration inspection can be harsh.

What if your application for a Green Card is denied?

Many immigrants in Kentucky and elsewhere in the United States will apply for a Green Card in hopes of becoming lawful permanent residents. Unfortunately, not every application is approved the first time around. When a person receives an unfavorable decision after applying for residency, they may be able to file either a motion to reopen or a motion to reconsider. It is important to understand what these two motions accomplish, so applicants can choose the one that is right for them.

Proposed rule could affect family immigration in the U.S.

When a U.S. citizen or a legal resident has loved ones in another nation, they may wish to bring their loved one here so their family can be reunited. The issue of family immigration is very important to them. Any changes to family immigration regulations deserve the attention of all people in Kentucky and across the U.S., so they can take action if necessary.

Federal judge rules certain immigrants safe from deportation

Some people immigrate to the United States because their homeland is not safe to live in. The federal government recognizes this, and thus implemented a special immigration program known as the Temporary Protected Status program. The current presidential administration ordered that this program should be ended, but Kentucky residents may be interested to hear that a federal judge has ruled that doing so is unlawful.

Adapting to life in Kentucky as an immigrant

When you first arrived in Kentucky from another country of origin, you may have felt simultaneously overwhelmed with excitement, joy, anxiety and utter fear. Depending on your personal circumstances, such as whether your arrival here was associated with marrying a U.S. citizen, you were coming to the United States to launch a business or were facing a less-positive situation that included crossing a border without paperwork, you may have encountered numerous challenges on your first day.  

What visas can be sought for family immigration?

When an immigrant in Kentucky becomes a lawful permanent resident, or if a U.S.-born citizen has loved ones in another country, family reunification may be a high priority. After all, most people do not like being separated from their loved ones. U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents may petition to have a relative obtain a family-based visa. Under federal immigration law, some of these visas are unlimited, while others are limited.

ICE apprehending more non-criminals in 2018 fiscal year

Immigrants come to Kentucky and other states across the nation for many reasons. Some come as the fiancé or spouse of a U.S. citizen. Some are simply seeking a safer place to live, where they and their children have more opportunities to have a better future. And, some come after being hired by U.S. employers. In the past, those who have not committed a crime or have committed only a minor crime did not usually need to fear deportation. However, under current policy, that may be changing.

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