Make sure you understand what is needed to seek U.S. citizenship

Ever since its founding, America has been a nation of immigrants. Many people come to the United States with the goal of obtaining U.S. citizenship, also known as naturalization. There are several legal means through which an immigrant can obtain U.S. permanent residency, and following that, citizenship. However, there are certain requirements a person must satisfy to become a U.S. citizen that immigrants in Kentucky and elsewhere should understand before proceeding.

For example, to become a U.S. citizen, a person must be able to speak English, as well as be literate in English. There are also residency requirements. For example, if a person is permanently residing in the U.S. under a marriage visa, they must reside in the nation for three years before they can apply for citizenship. Those residing in the nation under other types of visas generally must reside in the nation for five years before they can apply for citizenship. There are also requirements regarding how many months an applicant must be physically present in the U.S. before obtaining citizenship.

At the Law Office of Dennis M. Clare, PSC, we understand that the decision to become a naturalized U.S. citizen is one of the most important decisions a person can make. Thus, it is important that all the proper legal channels are followed to increase a person’s chances for success. Since the application process can be complex, many find it helpful to first seek legal counsel.

Naturalization is a dream for many immigrants living in the United States. However, naturalization is a legal process and if all requirements are not satisfied a person may be denied citizenship. To learn more about becoming a citizen of the U.S., please feel free to review our firm’s naturalization webpage.



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