What happens if a person faces deportation and removal?

Sometimes an immigrant enters the United States unlawfully, violates their visa or commits a crime. When this happens, immigrants in Kentucky and elsewhere in the nation may face deportation and removal. It is important for our readers to have a basic overview of the deportation and removal processes in the U.S.

Individuals who enter the U.S. without valid travel documents may face deportation and expedited removal, meaning they won’t have a hearing before an immigration court. If foreign nationals break the law, present a public safety threat or overstay their visa, they may also face deportation. However, they may be granted a hearing before an immigration judge.

The foreign national will be held in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility. A hearing will be held in an Immigration Court. If a judge decides that the foreign national should be deported, that person’s country of origin must agree to accept the foreign national and provide the necessary travel documents before the foreign national is removed by ICE.

Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to appeal a deportation ruling. In addition, those who are ultimately deported to their country of origin may have the right to apply for re-admission to the United States. However, those who are interested in appealing their case or applying for readmission may want to get more information about their unique case to better understand their rights and options. Ultimately, if an individual in the U.S. is facing deportation and removal, that individual may need to consider legal options



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