Applying for immigration benefits in the digital age

The heralding in of the digital age has made life easier for many in Kentucky. It seems like these days people can shop, make financial transactions, pay bills and do just about anything online — including applying for immigration benefits.

In fact, since the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services gave legal immigrants the option to apply for immigration benefits through the Internet, more than one million individuals have done so. Of these people, 61 percent used the USCIS online system to replace their green card and 37 percent used the USCIS online system to apply for U.S. citizenship.

Being able to apply for immigration benefits online has many benefits. The legal processes for obtaining such benefits have been streamlined, with shorter wait times for those seeking naturalization, the replacement of their green card or those seeking U.S. permanent residency. Delays due to issues with the U.S. postal system or clerical errors are less likely when individuals apply for immigration benefits online. In addition, applicants can review the status of their petition online while they wait for a decision to be made. Paying the necessary fees is made easier. In addition, individuals can go online to make changes to their personal information.

Being able to apply for immigration benefits through the Internet has helped many people reach their immigration goals. However, it doesn’t change the fact that applying for immigration benefits can still be complex. There are still deadlines to meet and documentation to be submitted. Immigration law attorneys understand the process for seeking permanent residency and other immigration benefits and may be a useful resource.



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