No government tracking on noncitizen veterans

The men and women who serve in the United States military dedicate their lives to ensuring that the rest of their compatriots are safe and secure. Throughout Kentucky countless individuals have left their families to travel great distances in an effort to protect the nation and its people. What readers may not know is that not all of those who have served have been citizens of this country.

Noncitizen veterans are individuals who served in the United States military but who are not citizens of this country. Technically, these individuals may be deported if they are in the country illegally but under policies promulgated by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement their cases should be given special consideration and review. Military service and a clean record may afford a noncitizen veteran an opportunity to remain in the United States under the discretion of ICE.

However, federal legislators have found that not only does ICE not consistently follow this process but that it also does not keep any tracking records on what happens to noncitizen veterans when they are deported. To this day, it is unknown how many noncitizen veterans have been deported and it is unknown how many of them were given the consideration they deserved for their special service to the nation.

The deportation process is wrought with complications for any individual who is in the United States illegally. However, men and women who have given their lives to protecting American citizens and this country have been kicked out and had policies ignored when they were found to be without the proper credentials. Deportation and removal lawyers can help individuals and families who are coping with these life-altering issues.



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