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Immigration Services

What is considered an extreme hardship for a 601 waiver?

Individuals who live in the United States for at least one year and who do not have legal status in the country may be deported. Upon their deportation they may be subject to a 10-year ban on re-entry and may only then, after a decade has passed, apply for legal status to come back. Individuals in Kentucky who fear deportation and the 10-year ban may be eligible for a 601 waiver, which allows a person to adjust their legal status when they would face an extreme hardship if they were deported.

Ways Kentucky immigrants can improve their English

The language barrier may be one of your biggest challenges as you adapt to life in Kentucky after traveling to the United States from another country of origin. If one of your ultimate goals is to become a naturalized U.S. citizen, you must prove that you can read, write, speak and understand English. Doing so is part of the test you will take as you navigate the citizenship process.

Government seeks to change rules for asylum seekers

There are different paths that individuals may take to be granted legal status in the United States and it is important that they seek legal counsel to understand their rights and opportunities for pursuing these options. One way that a person may try to solidify their status in the country is through seeking asylum. Asylum can be granted to a person if they can prove that they have been persecuted in their homeland and that their safety is threatened. Asylum may be sought by individuals who have reached U.S. soil.

What rights to US permanent residents have?

An individual who has permanent resident status in the United States is entitled to many rights under the law. Though they retain their citizenship in their home country and must use a passport to re-enter the United States when they travel, they may undertake many of the rights and responsibilities of US citizens. This post explains some of the rights permanent residents may enjoy when they choose to settle in Kentucky and other states throughout the nation; this post, though informative, should not be relied upon as legal advice.

Mass deportations planned, pushed back by federal government

A matter of weeks ago, President Donald Trump announced that federal government officials would step up efforts to expedite the deportation of thousands of individuals who have been alleged to be living in the United States illegally. The federal government has worked to pass legislation to improve conditions for men, women and children who cross the United States border for entry into the country, but as of this week President Trump plans to move ahead with the plan to execute mass deportations.

What role does family play in obtaining a green card?

A "green card" grants a non-US citizen the right to remain permanently in the country where they may live, work and grow their family. Obtaining a green card is the goal of many non-citizens who live in Kentucky, and readers may know that there are a multitude of paths that may be taken to obtaining them. One of the most efficient ways to seek and obtain a green card is through a family connection, and this post will address some of the ways that family can influence this process.

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