Government seeks to change rules for asylum seekers

There are different paths that individuals may take to be granted legal status in the United States and it is important that they seek legal counsel to understand their rights and opportunities for pursuing these options. One way that a person may try to solidify their status in the country is through seeking asylum. Asylum can be granted to a person if they can prove that they have been persecuted in their homeland and that their safety is threatened. Asylum may be sought by individuals who have reached U.S. soil.

Right now, Kentucky residents may be aware of the immigration issues facing the nation, particularly at the southern border. The federal government recently announced that it will implement a new rule that will drastically impact the rights of asylum seekers who travel through other countries to reach the United States. Known as the “3rd country” rule, this rule would deny asylum application rights to individuals who travel through a third country in route to the United States.

Individuals in this situation would first have to apply to become refugees in the third country before being able to seek asylum in the United States. It would affect many of the men, women and children who are traveling through Mexico from Central America to reach the U.S.-Mexico border where they would then have sought asylum.

Changes in U.S. immigration policy have been frequent during the last few years, and individuals with concerns about their statuses may be unsure of what options they have to avoid deportation and removal. Their immigration attorneys may be consulted to help them find solutions to their serious legal needs.



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