Mass deportations planned, pushed back by federal government

A matter of weeks ago, President Donald Trump announced that federal government officials would step up efforts to expedite the deportation of thousands of individuals who have been alleged to be living in the United States illegally. The federal government has worked to pass legislation to improve conditions for men, women and children who cross the United States border for entry into the country, but as of this week President Trump plans to move ahead with the plan to execute mass deportations.

The deportation process generally involves a series of hearings to determine that an individual should unequivocally be removed from the country because of their citizenship status. When a person is removed from the country they are not permitted to return until they have secured the proper documentation; as readers of this post likely know, this can be a long and arduous process.

When confronted with deportation and removal it is important that individuals seek legal counsel and assistance with their cases. The documents that they sign, the statements they make and the paperwork that they provide may all be used to build a case against them in support of deportation and removal. An immigration attorney may be able to help them work through the legal ramifications of their deportation.

As the federal government plans to take action to execute a mass deportation of allegedly illegal immigrants, individuals who may be affected should make preparations to protect their legal rights. While the guarantees when it comes to immigration and deportation matters, legal support from a knowledgeable attorney may help those who are fighting to stay in the United States.



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