What rights to US permanent residents have?

An individual who has permanent resident status in the United States is entitled to many rights under the law. Though they retain their citizenship in their home country and must use a passport to re-enter the United States when they travel, they may undertake many of the rights and responsibilities of US citizens. This post explains some of the rights permanent residents may enjoy when they choose to settle in Kentucky and other states throughout the nation; this post, though informative, should not be relied upon as legal advice.

Permanent residents may own property in the United States. They may hold down jobs for which they are qualified, attend public schools in their communities and serve in the United States military. They can apply for citizenship if they choose to do so or may use family immigration processes to bring their spouses and children into the country.

Permanent residents, like US citizens, are protected by the laws of the country, the states that they live in and the local rules that apply in their communities. They can vote in some non-federal elections and can seek certain government-based benefits if they are eligible and qualify for them. Depending on local and state laws, many can own firearms.

There are many reasons that individuals may wish to become permanent residents of the United States. Those who wish to begin the process should understand that it can be a time-consuming undertaking that may require them to meet many specific and important requirements. In order to best prepare one’s self for the permanent resident application process, an interested reader can contact their local immigration law attorney.



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