What role does family play in obtaining a green card?

A “green card” grants a non-US citizen the right to remain permanently in the country where they may live, work and grow their family. Obtaining a green card is the goal of many non-citizens who live in Kentucky, and readers may know that there are a multitude of paths that may be taken to obtaining them. One of the most efficient ways to seek and obtain a green card is through a family connection, and this post will address some of the ways that family can influence this process.

Green cards may be given to individuals who are immediate relatives of US citizens. Immediate relatives include but are not limited to parents and children under the age of 21, spouses, step-children and children brought into families through adoption. When a non-citizen has an immediate family member who is a US citizen, that relative may petition for the non-citizen’s receipt of a green card.

Additionally, other familial connections may be used to apply for green cards. However, if a person is over the age of 21 and their relationship with their US citizen relative is somewhat removed, it may be more difficult for them to secure such a status. It is always a good idea for individuals with green card and immigration questions to bring them up with their trusted immigration attorneys.

Special work skills, asylum seekers, green card lotteries and other paths can lead non-citizens to permanent resident status. Securing a green card can be a time-consuming and confusing process. Legal support may benefit those who wish to endeavor into this important but sometimes muddled arena.



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