Know your options when seeking a visa

A visa is an important legal document that a person may have to obtain to enter and stay in the United States. However, readers of this blog may not know that different visa options are available, depending upon what goals a person has for their residency or stay in the country.

For example, certain legal requirements must be met for an individual to become a permanent resident of the United States. However, if they do not intend to remain in the country for the remainder of their life, they may wish to apply for one of the temporary visa options that the government offers to noncitizens. Applying for the wrong type of visa may slow down the process and prevent a person from accomplishing their goals while in the United States.

Immigration, residency, and deportation matters are important and can have major repercussions in the lives of individuals living in Kentucky. When facing questions of how best to protect one’s own interests, it is imperative that they receive sound legal guidance from a knowledgeable and trustworthy source.

Attorney Dennis M. Clare practices immigration law in Louisville and supports the community through his work to educate and help individuals and families caught in the maze of the United States immigration system. He respects the wishes and interests of his clients and provides them with the help they need to understand their rights and options for remaining in the country. More information about attorney Clare and his practice may be found on his immigration law web page.



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