Proof may be needed to demonstrate relationship for immigration

Family immigration is an important topic in the world of current events and concerns the reunification of individuals with their relatives. These individuals may have been separated from their relations by prior immigration events, changes in citizenship, and other processes. When families wish to reunite in Kentucky or other places in the United States, they must follow the rules of family immigration.

When a citizen or permanent resident of the United States wishes to bring a family member into the country, they must provide evidence of a familial connection. While documents like marriage licenses or birth certificates are often sufficient, when these documents have been destroyed, additional steps to confirm a relationship may be necessary.

For example, in order to prove a relationship with a sibling, child, or parent, DNA testing may be required. Genetic testing is not always utilized as the first step in family immigration cases since it is expensive, but, when it is necessary, it can be used to help show the connections between US-based applicants and their out-of-country relations.

When preparing to file the necessary paperwork to bring a loved one to the United States, it is important that the applicant fully understand what is required of them throughout the process. Although the help of an attorney is not a guarantee that an immigration request will be approved, a person may find it helpful to work with an experienced legal professional who understands immigration laws and how to satisfy the requirements of the family immigration process.



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