Who is eligible for a temporary fiance visa?

Love knows no boundaries, and it is not uncommon for American citizens to fall in love with citizens of other nations. When this happens, the parties may run into some challenges as they decide where they will spend their lives in a married partnership. In order for a noncitizen to move to the United States in order to marry their American significant other, they may choose to seek a K-1 visa.

A K-1 visa may also be known as a temporary fiancé visa. In order to successfully secure such a visa, the parties to the intended married couple must both be eligible to get married. They may not be married to others when they seek to obtain the visa, and they must both intend to be married and to spend their lives together.

Those who do get K-1 visas must get married within 90 days. If a couple does marry within the 90 day window the noncitizen may then apply for their green card. The failure of a person to marry their U.S. citizen betrothed within 90 days may result in the cancellation of their visa.

Marriage is a beautiful commitment that can be complicated when the intended partners live in separate countries and must first settle legal hurdles in order to smooth out the future for their shared lives. Kentucky residents who wish to bring their noncitizen fiancés into the United States should talk to their trusted immigration attorneys about K-1 visas and other family immigration topics. This post offers only general information on this complex legal subject and readers should not use its contents as legal advice.



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