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Immigration Services

Things to know before your marriage-based green card interview

If you're among many Kentucky immigrants whose ultimate goals are to obtain permanent residency status or even become naturalized citizens, you've likely been working hard to become fluent in English. Perhaps you've also already overcome various challenges related to customs and culture in the United States. Adapting to a new lifestyle after emigrating from another country of origin is definitely not for the faint of heart. It's challenging and often stressful.

What is the spousal immigration process?

Spousal immigration is an important topic in the greater conversation of U.S. immigration law. When a Kentucky resident marries an individual who is not a legal citizen or resident of the country, they must go through an important legal process to allow their spouse to join them permanently in the United States.

Criminal conviction can lead to deportation

The criminal justice system in the United States is intended to deter individuals from engaging in dangerous and socially detrimental behavior and to punish those who do break the law. When a citizen of the country breaks a criminal law, they may be subject to trial and punishment based on what they allegedly did. States like Kentucky have criminal laws on their books; federal criminal laws also exist.

Immigration changes upcoming for kids of foreign workers

Many current and former residents of Kentucky work for the American government in other countries. Whether they are diplomats or Foreign Service workers, members of the military or employees of other fields, thousands of men and women are employed by the government but stationed in locations outside of the borders of the United States.

How may an individual fight removal?

Deportation and removal are serious legal proceedings that come from an extensive body of immigration law. When a person has been determined to be in the United States illegally, they may be removed and sent back to their country of citizenship. Individuals living in Kentucky and who fear that they may be subject to removal proceedings should know that certain remedies may be available to them to stop the removal process.

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