How may an individual fight removal?

Deportation and removal are serious legal proceedings that come from an extensive body of immigration law. When a person has been determined to be in the United States illegally, they may be removed and sent back to their country of citizenship. Individuals living in Kentucky and who fear that they may be subject to removal proceedings should know that certain remedies may be available to them to stop the removal process.

One way that a person may fight removal from the United States is through a petition to cancel their removal. Such an action may be undertaken during a person’s removal proceedings and before a judge. If their cancelation is granted, the individual’s removal status may be changed from supporting deportation to lawful admittance for permanent residency.

Another way that a person facing removal may fight their legal proceedings is through asylum. As previously discussed on this blog, asylum is available to individuals who have faced persecution in their home countries due to their race, religion, nationality, or other protected classification. Individuals do not have to apply for asylum immediately as they have up to a year to seek the protection once they are in the United States.

Removal proceedings can break up families, change lives, and alter the futures for individuals who simply want to escape dangerous or difficult conditions in their own home nations. Before taking on a removal defense plan, a person should talk to an immigration attorney about their case. They may have other options for protecting their rights and remaining in the United States despite their legal status.



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