Immigration changes upcoming for kids of foreign workers

Many current and former residents of Kentucky work for the American government in other countries. Whether they are diplomats or Foreign Service workers, members of the military or employees of other fields, thousands of men and women are employed by the government but stationed in locations outside of the borders of the United States.

In the past, children born to individuals engaged in these lines of work were automatically considered U.S. citizens, regardless of where they were born. Moving forward, this policy may change.

According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services office, not all children of government workers will be able to claim automatic U.S. citizenship. Children and their parents must meet certain criteria in order for the youths to be considered citizens of the United States, such as having parents with U.S. citizenship or being born in a U.S. military hospital abroad.

Although USCIS claims that the impact of the new rule will be small, it will undoubtedly cause confusion and concern for some families that wish to return to the states but are unsure of whether their children will be allowed in. A child who is not considered a U.S. citizen because of the rule change may have to be granted a means of entry into the country just so that they and their parents can apply to have their citizenship status changed.

People who work and fight abroad for the freedom of the America people may face challenges when they attempt to bring their foreign-born children home. Their family immigration attorneys can help them sort out just what they must do in order to safely and legally bring their kids into the United States.



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