A discussion of the B-2 visitor visa

Travel between the United States and other countries is highly regulated. While in some cases a short-term traveler may be able to enter another nation with only a passport, visitor visas are required of non-United States citizens for their legal entry into the country. The B-2 visa is a commonly sought out visa for individuals who have personal reasons to enter the United States.

The B-2 visa may be used by international travelers who have personal or pleasure-related reasons for entering the country. They may wish to visit with family members who live in the United States, or they may wish to seek out medical treatment from doctors in the country. Generally, this form of visa is not available to students or those who intend to earn money while living in the country, though individuals who wish to take recreational courses may generally do so while holding B-2 visas.

The process for obtaining a B-2 visa can be lengthy and can require a person to visit the United States Consulate in their home nation. They may be subject to an interview and other requirements before their visa is approved. Denial of a visa may require an individual to begin the process again.

Individuals who enter the United States on B-2 visas may not permanently stay in the country. If they overstay their visas, they may be subject to deportation and removal from the country. Those who have come to Kentucky to see family on B-2 visas and who wish to remain in the United States should learn more about their options by speaking to local immigration attorneys.



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