Certain actions may lead to loss of green card eligibility

A green card is an important legal document for individuals who wish to obtain and retain their legal permanent statuses in the United States. An individual with a green card has the right to live in the United States and to enjoy other important rights as a result of their status. However, a green card holder in Kentucky could find their legal status threatened if they engage in certain activities or undertake certain actions.

One of the most common ways for green card holders to lose their legal status in the country is to commit crimes. When a person is charged with breaking a criminal law, they may be subject to the loss of their legal status and subsequent deportation and removal. Legal permanent residents who are facing criminal charges should speak with immigration attorneys as well as criminal law attorneys to prepare themselves for their legal proceedings.

Another way that a person may lose their green card is by leaving the United States for too long of a period of time. Trips of under six months generally do not trigger immigration intervention for green card holders, but individuals who leave the country without obtaining reentry permits can face the loss of their legal status. It can help to talk to immigration attorneys before individuals choose to leave the country as green card holders.

Few individuals want to put their legal statuses in the United States in jeopardy, but many do because they do not know the rules for what is permissible. Before traveling or when facing legal perils, green card holders can and should discuss their needs with their trusted immigration law attorneys.



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