How does one qualify as a special immigrant religious worker?

The job that a person chooses to pursue in their life may require them to make personal sacrifices and take on significant burdens. For some, pursuing their passions may require them to leave their homes in order to travel to far and distant countries to do their work. When individuals wish to enter the United States to work in religious organizations or positions of faith, they may qualify for special immigrant religious worker visas.

These specialized visas are EB-4 visas. They are available to ministers. Qualifying for a special immigrant religious worker visa requires specific information.

First, the individual must plan to work for a religious organization that has a nonprofit and representation in the United States. That is to say, the organization that the immigrant plans to work for must be one that actually has a presence in the United States. Next, the individual must plan to work for the religious organization full time and in a compensated position. Additionally, the individual must have been a member of the religious organization that they plan to work for at least two years before seeking to enter the United States on a special EB-4 visa.

There are more requirements for those who wish to move to the United States to work in religious fields of employment, and readers can contact their trusted Kentucky-based immigration law attorneys for help. It is important to seek experienced legal representation regarding this matter so an individual is able to proceed in the right manner that will result in a positive outcome.



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