Reality star deported to Italy

Changes in the law regarding immigration, deportation, and removal have been extensively covered in the national news. However, many Kentucky residents may still struggle to keep up with exactly what rights and options individuals have when they are faced with legal issues related to their citizenship and residency statuses. Few stories cover just what happens to individuals caught in the deportation process, but one recognizable reality star has gone through the deportation process firsthand.

Joe Giudice, the husband of a cast member in the Real Housewives series, was recently sent to Italy, the country of his birth. Giudice married an American woman and had four children with her before being arrested and convicted on several criminal charges. After serving his sentence in prison, Giudice was apprehended by Immigration and Customs Enforcement because he had never formalized his citizenship.

As previously discussed on this blog, individuals may have their residencies terminated if they commit certain crimes. Giudice was convicted on mail and wire fraud charges, as well as bankruptcy fraud charges. Crimes involving moral turpitude can leave individuals exposed to potential deportations if they are convicted.

Rather than stay in ICE custody, Giudice was released from holding and sent to Italy where he is a citizen. He has submitted a request to have his deportation overturned so that he can return to the United States to stay with his family. It is uncertain what the future will hold for him, but like others who have faced deportation, Giudice will have to work within the law to find answers to his legal needs.



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