Who may apply for an L1 visa?

While the term “visa” may apply to an approval a person needs before they are allowed to travel to a different country, it is important that readers of this Kentucky-based immigration law blog understand that there are many different types of visas available to noncitizens. Depending on why a person wishes to travel, how long they wish to stay, whether they have family with them or in the United States before them, and a host of other issues, the type of visa that they will need may differ greatly.

One relatively specific type of visa is the L1 visa. It is available to individuals who hold executive or managerial level employment at international companies who wish to transfer within their business organizations into offices in the United States. For example, an executive at an automobile company in Germany may need an L1 visa if they wish to stay within their position and work in an office of their employer in the United States.

L1 visas do not grant recipients permanent residency in the United States. They may be approved for a matter of months, and with extensions they may last for up to 7 years. Individuals who receive L1 visas may be able to bring their family members with them when they travel into the United States, but restrictions may limit those who qualify.

The L1 visa is one of many immigration tools that may serve the needs of men, women, and children who wish to legally move into the United States. Immigration attorneys are excellent resources for individuals who require assistance solidifying their legal statuses and ensuring that they are allowed to stay in the country.



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