How may divorce affect spousal immigration?

Marriage and immigration constitute two different areas of the law and together raise a host of questions for individuals who wish to enter the United States to legally live with their partners.

Kentucky residents may have questions about what will happen if they choose to leave their martial relationships while residing in the country through spousal visas. These questions, and many others that come up in the context of immigration law, should be answered by knowledgeable immigration attorneys.

However, readers should be aware that changes in their martial statuses may impact their legal statuses. If a person’s visa or residence in the United States is based on marriage and they choose to dissolve their marriage, they may no longer have grounds on which to base their residency in the country. Particularly, a visa that is issued because of a person’s marriage to a U.S. citizen may be revoked if that person and their partner end their legal relationship.

Not every family immigration case that involves divorce is the same, and for that reason alone independent legal help should be sought by those who are dealing with these issues. For example, individuals whose marriages end because of abuse or because of the death of their U.S. citizen partners may have options for remaining in the country despite the ends of their relationships.

Marriage is a big commitment between two people, and making it work across oceans or when the partners do not live in the same places can be almost impossible. Likewise, divorce affects a person’s marital status and may affect a person’s legal status to live in the United States if their residency depends on a visa or other means of securing a legal status.



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