What should you know about seeking a green card?

Getting your U.S. permanent residency, also known as your green card, doesn’t have to be as confusing as it may seem. Obtaining your Permanent Resident Card gives you the right to stay in the United States and to live and work here permanently.

Applying can seem difficult if you don’t speak English well or aren’t familiar with America’s laws. That’s why it’s a smart idea to work with an immigration attorney. Many are bilingual, and they can help you understand your rights.

How do you know if you’re eligible to apply for a green card?

You may be eligible for a green card if you fall into a green card eligibility category. Many times, it’s family members of U.S. residents who are able to apply. Others may include immigrants who are coming to the United States to work permanently and those who are seeking asylum.

Is the process different if you are in or outside the United States?

Yes. The process for coming to the United States with a green card is different if you’re outside the U.S. versus applying for a green card once you’re in America. An adjustment of status may be necessary within the U.S., while those outside the United States may need to go through consular processing.

If you feel lost when reading this, don’t be too nervous. While the process has many technical terms, there are people who can help you understand what information you need to provide and how you can stay in the United States permanently. The right help can make a big difference throughout the application process.



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