Do you want to bring your foreign fiancé to the United States?

Just because you’re a United States citizen doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll marry someone from your home country. There may come a point in your life when you want to bring your foreign fiancé to the U.S. to tie the knot.

If you’re ready to go down this path, you first need to file a Form I-129F, Petition For Alien Fiancé(e). While there is no guarantee of an approval, it’s the first step you must take in order to obtain a K-1 nonimmigrant visa for your fiancé.

There are a few things you need to know about this specific type of visa:

  • You must intend to marry within 90 days of your fiancé entering the United States: This is critical to keep in mind as you plan your fiancé’s move to the country and the details of your wedding.
  • You can’t marry with the sole intention of obtaining a fiancé visa: In other words, your marriage must be conducted in good faith, meaning that the two of you have the intent of creating a new life together.
  • Your fiancé can apply for lawful permanent resident status: If you meet the terms and conditions, such as marrying your fiancé within 90 days of them moving to the United States, they can then apply for lawful permanent resident status. This is also known as a Green Card.
  • Your partner may not be eligible: Not everyone is eligible for a fiancé visa. For example, if you plan to marry outside the U.S., have already married or your fiancé is already a legal resident of the U.S., a fiancé visa is not the answer.

Even though there are many steps associated with obtaining a K-1 nonimmigrant visa and subsequent Green Card for your fiancé, it’s well worth it in the end. If you know the eligibility requirements and follow the rules laid out by the immigration system, you shouldn’t run into any issues.

Should you face trouble during the process, such as receiving a denial for a K-1 nonimmigrant visa, learn more about what went wrong and the steps you can take to reverse your fortunes in the near future.



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