4 factors that could affect your ability to secure a K-1 visa

If you’re one of the many U.S. citizens that has been fortunate enough to find love abroad, then you’re likely eager to bring your significant other to the U.S. to start your life together. Doing so isn’t as easy as coming up with a date and purchasing a plane ticket.

You must apply for a fiance visa and wait to see if immigration officials approve your request. You may find it helpful to learn about the many situations that may motivate immigration officials to deny your K-1 visa request so that you can come up with a plan B if that option doesn’t work.

Failure to substantiate your relationship

If there’s one piece of information you see repeated in every article about K-1 visas, it’s a discussion of how important it is for you to be able to provide immigration officials with supporting evidence proving your relationship. This is one of the leading reasons why immigration officials might deny your K-1 visa application.

Insufficient funds to support oneself

You must provide documentation along with your K-1 visa showing proof of an ability to be self-sustaining financially and that you’re not at risk of becoming a public charge, which is someone requiring government support. Your American fiance can sponsor you as an applicant if you don’t have the means to support yourself, but one of you has to be able to be self-sustaining.

How pre-visa travel impacts your K-1 visa prospects

While it may legitimately be possible for your fiance to travel on a family, travel or business visa while they’re awaiting a response on their K-1 application, immigration officials recommend against applicants doing so. They warn against it because immigration officials must perform security checks pre-issuance of the visa. Any travel may require them to start that process all over again.

How a marriage before the issuance of the visa may impact your K-1 visa prospects

While you may be eager to marry, doing so before immigration officials decide about your K-1 visa will likely prohibit you from being eligible for this fiance visa. You’ll have to identify another visa and start the application process all over again.

Pursuing your K-1 visa

While applying for a K-1 visa process may seem straightforward, that’s not necessarily the case. You’ll want to read about eligibility requirements for this family visa and learn more about the pitfalls to give yourself the best chances of success in receiving your immigration document.



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