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You need help if you're facing deportation from the United States

If you are worried about deportation, something you may want to consider is a defensive application for asylum. Defensive asylum is one of the few ways that someone who is in the country illegally can attempt to be allowed to stay.

Immigrants have rights under U.S. Constitution

Many foreign-born people who reside in Kentucky do not understand that they have guaranteed rights under the United States Constitution that provide a guard against abusive and arbitrary treatment by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service ("ICE") and other law enforcement agencies. A detailed knowledge of these rights is not required to prevent ICE agents from making an unlawful inquiry or arrest. The following general guidelines offer protection from all but the most egregious abuses.

ICE plans to reopen closed DACA cases with eye to deportation

The government's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program has created a seemingly secure class of immigrants who have been protected from deportation because they were brought into the United States by their parents when they were very young. Now, according to a recent report, this class of immigrants has begun to receive e-mails from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Administration telling these residents that their immigration cases may be re-opened to determine whether they are in the country legally.

ACLU lawsuit takes action on asylum claims

People seeking political asylum must meet certain criteria. In October, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced that it was introducing a new policy that would fast-track the review of requests for asylum. One of the major features of the new procedure would be the reduction of the review period to three days. If the person was found lacking in qualifications for asylum status, the person would be sent back to the country from which they were emigrating. On December 7, 2019, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit in federal court in Washington, D.C., challenging the new procedures, specifically the limited waiting period.

ICE used fake university to entrap immigrants seeking F-1 visas

One of the easiest ways for immigrants to remain in the United States is to acquire a so-called "student visa," known officially as an F-1 non-immigrant visa. Such visas are granted to individuals who have obtained a bachelor's degree or similar degree from a school in their native country to travel to and remain in the U.S. to complete a graduate degree program. Because the fields of study most often involve science, technology, engineering or mathematics, the visas are also called STEM visas.

Is it possible to extend a nonimmigrant visa?

There are many reasons that a person may apply for and receive a visa to travel into the United States. While many of those reasons are related to employment and education, others concern entry so that individuals may be with members of their families or to escape dangers in their home countries.

DACA arguments to occur in the U.S. Supreme Court

There are many ways that having legal status in the United States can make life easier for a Kentucky resident. It makes the process of getting a license or job more streamlined, and it may make getting loans and other financial matters squared away less cumbersome. Most people know whether they have legal status, but for one population learning that they are not legal residents of the country may be surprising.

Proposed bill may give agricultural workers a path to citizenship

Millions of immigrants, both authorized and otherwise, work in the United States each and every day, providing essential help and services to communities all throughout the nation. One industry that relies heavily on immigrant workers is agriculture. Hundreds of thousands of individuals from other nations find work in fields, factories, and other agricultural sites to support themselves and their loved ones.

Reality star deported to Italy

Changes in the law regarding immigration, deportation, and removal have been extensively covered in the national news. However, many Kentucky residents may still struggle to keep up with exactly what rights and options individuals have when they are faced with legal issues related to their citizenship and residency statuses. Few stories cover just what happens to individuals caught in the deportation process, but one recognizable reality star has gone through the deportation process firsthand.

Criminal conviction can lead to deportation

The criminal justice system in the United States is intended to deter individuals from engaging in dangerous and socially detrimental behavior and to punish those who do break the law. When a citizen of the country breaks a criminal law, they may be subject to trial and punishment based on what they allegedly did. States like Kentucky have criminal laws on their books; federal criminal laws also exist.

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