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What visas can be sought for family immigration?

When an immigrant in Kentucky becomes a lawful permanent resident, or if a U.S.-born citizen has loved ones in another country, family reunification may be a high priority. After all, most people do not like being separated from their loved ones. U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents may petition to have a relative obtain a family-based visa. Under federal immigration law, some of these visas are unlimited, while others are limited.

First Lady's parents become citizens through family immigration

When a U.S. citizen has loved ones in another country, they may wish to sponsor these loved ones for a green card and eventually naturalization. This way, family members can be reunited in the U.S. and can legally reside in the country. For this reason, family immigration is important to many in Kentucky and across the nation. And, even prominent citizens can benefit from family immigration.

We help people with family immigration matters

Sometimes, one member of a person's family will immigrate to the United States and obtain permanent residency or even citizenship. That person may wish to petition for their spouse, parents, children or siblings to reunite with them in the United States. Family immigration is important to many in Kentucky and around the nation.

How does U.S. law define 'spouse' for immigration purposes?

Some U.S. citizens from Kentucky and elsewhere fell in love with someone abroad and married them. Following that, the U.S. citizen and their new spouse may wish to live in the United States. In situations like this, they will need to obtain an immigrant visa for a spouse of a U.S. citizen.

How does naturalization affect family immigration?

Sometimes people in Kentucky who are in the United States as a lawful permanent resident petition for their spouse or child to obtain an immigrant visa. However, the visa application process can take a long time. There are occasions in which a lawful permanent resident sponsoring a family member for a visa becomes a U.S. citizen before the visa application process is complete. They may wonder how their new status as a U.S. citizen affects the visa application process.

Bringing a loved one to the U.S. through family immigration

When a person immigrates to the United States, they may want to obtain a green card so they can become a lawful permanent resident. When a person in Kentucky or elsewhere in the U.S. has a green card, they are able to reside and work in the country indefinitely. One type of permanent visa an immigrant may apply for is a family-based visa.

The benefits of family immigration

There are some people in Kentucky and across the nation who feel that only "skilled" immigrants, with an education should enter our country. They may fear that "chain migration" could have a negative effect on our nation's economy and crime rate. In one Harvard-Harris Poll, 80 percent of those polled stated that immigrants with skills and an education should be prioritized over those who are coming to the U.S. based on having relations in the country.

Seeking a fiancé visa when love knows no geographic bounds

As some in Kentucky may say, "Love knows no bounds" -- even geographic ones. It is not unusual for a person in the United States to fall in love with someone who lives in another country. When that happens, the couple may wish to marry in the United States and start the process of naturalization for the foreign-born partner. However, in order to do so the foreign-born partner will first need to obtain a fiancé€ visa, if they are not currently living legally in the U.S.

Family immigration: fewer extended family visas approved in 2017

When a person immigrates to Kentucky, they may do so on their own with the intention of one day sponsoring visas for their family members, so that their family members can also immigrate to the United States. After all, many immigrant families often want to be reunited in the U.S., where they have greater freedoms and opportunities than they may have had in their former country.

Repeal of rule may make it harder for spouses to work in the U.S.

Many industries in the United States are dependent on having highly-skilled workers and, to that end, starting in 2015 the spouses of immigrants who had a H-1B visa in the process of obtaining a Green Card were permitted to be employed in the United States via an H-4 dependent visa. This was especially useful in the technology industry, in which many H-1B immigrants worked.

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