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The idea of obtaining a visa may seem overwhelming — but when you come to the Law Office of Dennis M. Clare, PSC, you will receive clear answers from a firm that cares about your future. We serve clients in Louisville, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas in immigration and naturalization law.

We can work to get you on the fastest path for adjustment in the least expensive and most efficient way. We understand that this process may seem complicated, but by speaking with an experienced lawyer at our firm you will likely get the best results.

Attorney Clare has more than 35 years of experience in immigration law and always provides his clients with clear-cut answers. He will inform you of the steps in the application process, gather required documents and provide guidance.

Are You Able To Bring Your Family Member To The US?

We help clients with petitions involving parents, children, infants, brothers and sisters. Many times, we help clients with family-based and marriage visas, including the K-1 fiancé visa (one time only entrance for a fiancé) and the K-3 spousal visa.

As a highly experienced firm, we have a clear understanding of the law and use that as leverage in your case. We will provide clear answers and efficient solutions. Our firm will help determine eligibility and gather appropriate documentation. We will also file the application for you.

If you need additional assistance in other areas of immigration law, we can help with visa adjustments, the naturalization process and obtaining green cards.

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