Effective Representation For Immigration Appeals

If your application has been denied, you probably want assistance from a lawyer who understands the appeals process and can answer your questions. If you are worried, frustrated and need guidance, come to the Law Office of Dennis M. Clare, PSC.

We assist a wide range of clients in Louisville and beyond. Attorney Clare, founder and principal attorney, is a highly knowledgeable immigration attorney. He has handled hundreds of immigration appeals cases and fully understands how to approach each case with a strategic plan.

How Our Experience Can Benefit You

With more than 35 years of experience in immigration law, attorney Clare is knowledgeable and skilled. He has successfully presented many cases to the Board of Immigration Appeals and in the various United States Courts of Appeals. He will use his skill and knowledge of the court system and work to achieve a positive outcome.

You will likely achieve the best possible result by working with an experienced attorney who understands the appeals process. We understand how to identify important factors — and always listen to our client’s concerns. The members of our firm are also very familiar with the local and federal court system. Some examples of the many immigration appeals cases we have handled:

  • Asylum protection claims
  • Denial of citizenship
  • Denial of adjustment based on criminal convictions
  • Denial of adjustment based on illegal entry into the United States
  • Denial of employment benefits

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