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Rule changes could affect residency status of some immigrants

Many people, citizens and non-citizens alike, need help from time to time. Some people in Kentucky or elsewhere in the United States are only able to find low-paying work, or they may have lost their job, putting them in a difficult financial state. Others are just starting out in our nation and may be actively looking for work to support themselves, but need some assistance in the meantime. These individuals may qualify for government benefits to help them through a tough time, until things pick up again. However, non-citizens and dependents of non-citizens should be aware that changes to federal rules regarding immigrants and government benefits are being reviewed that could affect them and their loved ones.

What rights and responsibilities come with U.S. citizenship?

Many immigrants in Kentucky and across the United States may dream of one day obtaining U.S. citizenship, a process also known as "naturalization." Becoming a U.S. citizen brings with it certain rights and responsibilities that those without citizenship do not enjoy. The following are just some of the rights and responsibilities that come with naturalization.

What happens if my application to renew a green card is denied?

If a person is a permanent resident of the United States, and their 10-year green card is set to expire within the following six months, they will need to apply for a renewal of their green card, if they wish to stay in the US as a lawful permanent resident. However, not every application for renewal is accepted. Sometimes, a green card renewal request is denied. People in Kentucky and elsewhere who find themselves in such a predicament may feel distressed, but they should know that there are options available.

An employment visa may be the first step toward U.S. citizenship

Many people from abroad are hired by employers in the United States. There may be job opportunities in the U.S. that aren't available in an immigrant's home country. Or, a company in the U.S. may have sought out an immigrant employee to work in a specialized field. Therefore, some immigrants will seek an employment-based visa.

Kentucky tourist spots may see fewer immigrant workers

Whether people are visiting Mammoth Cave National Park, attending the Kentucky Derby or visiting one of Kentucky's other famous destinations, tourism is a big part of the economy in Kentucky. Like many other tourist areas, some facilities in Kentucky rely on immigrants with a H-2B visa to work for them. For some employers, hiring immigrants with these visas is essential, as they are unable to find Americans willing to work for them. However, only 66,000 of these visas are issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services each year.

Can one's U.S. permanent residency status be abandoned?

People in Kentucky may have any number of reasons for immigrating to the United States. However, the immigration process is not always quick or easy. For some people it takes years to obtain U.S. permanent residency. Therefore, it may seem unlikely that a person would purposefully abandon that status. However, it is entirely possible for a person to lose their status as a permanent resident of the U.S. through intentional abandonment.

2020 census may include U.S. citizenship question

U.S. citizenship is sought after by many immigrants in Kentucky and across the nation. However, the naturalization process can be a lengthy one, meaning that those with Green Cards will reside lawfully in our nation as U.S. permanent residents, but will not be considered U.S. citizens until naturalization is achieved. Still, it is important to have a clear picture of how many people reside in each state and whether they are U.S. citizens. Therefore every 10 years, the United States government conducts a census.

Class action lawsuit filed on behalf of immigrants seeking asylum

Many immigrants in Kentucky and nationwide are seeking asylum from countries where it is no longer safe for them to live. America is the land of the free, where even immigrants have rights. However, what if these immigrants find that their rights are being violated?

'Green card' lottery provides path towards residency to few

There are many different ways an immigrant in Kentucky or elsewhere could obtain a "green card." The green-card lottery -- officially known as the diversity visa lottery -- gives individuals from certain nations the chance to obtain a green card. The lottery started in 1995, and its purpose is to make sure that the United States has diversity in its immigrants. Therefore, it applies to people who come from nations that are underrepresented in the U.S.

USCIS changes its mission statement

Immigrants have many reasons for coming to America. They may be in search of better jobs, better opportunities for their children or a place of refugee from their war-torn or oppressive homeland. Therefore, when the federal government makes any changes to its policies regarding immigration, these should be carefully noted by those in Kentucky and nationwide.

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